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Amit is a Rotterdam native with Indian roots. After studying at Erasmus University, he started his career in the banking industry. Two years ago, he decided it was time for something new and chose to work for RNHB. 

In his current role at RNHB, Amit leads a team. He essentially translates what needs to be communicated from the workplace and is involved both strategically and operationally. The most enjoyable aspects of working at RNHB for him are the fun colleagues and the atmosphere. "I work with colleagues who all strive for something. You really notice here that it ultimately comes down to the customer: how can we serve them best?"


Read more about Amit

What Amit finds unique about working at RNHB is that no day is the same; it’s such a dynamic environment. Amit is also excited about the changes and innovations within RNHB, particularly the fact that RNHB looks at what they can do differently and what products they can introduce to stand out. "Despite a volatile market, RNHB is actively looking for opportunities: what can we do? What is currently in demand? And we try to tap into these possibilities."

The atmosphere at RNHB

When we ask Amit how he would describe the company culture at RNHB, he says it is actually a combination of English and European culture. The company is Dutch, but there is an English touch to it. "It's like English liquorice," says Amit. "Hard work is rewarded here, but there is also time to relax."

RNHB regularly organizes events for employees and customers. The annual Christmas party is a big success, and colleagues don't want to miss it. The RNHB Cup is also a popular event. "This soccer tournament is organized for RNHB's customers and intermediaries and is always a fun and successful day," says Amit. 

The team often socializes over drinks and lunch outside of their workplace. As Amit notes, "It's a friendly group, where people get along well outside of work." Recognizing the significance of acknowledging achievements with the entire team, Amit prioritizes celebrating successes together. For instance, when they secure financing, the team takes a break from their work and heads out for a drink to mark the occasion.

Advice from Amit

According to Amit, for new hires at RNHB, it's important to get to know the organization well, since "RNHB is not a bank and has a different funding model." Although it may take some time to understand everything, once you do, working becomes a lot easier. Amit also believes that the career path at RNHB is diverse, with opportunities for vertical growth, such as becoming a team lead, as well as horizontal steps, such as moving towards the Treasury team.


One project that Amit is particularly proud of is the recent roll-out of a risk control matrix, which is a schematic way to manage risks in processes. Amit and his colleagues from the team and client management mapped out the operational risks in the process and put them on paper. "The Executive Team was very positive about this project, and it was exactly what they were looking for." 

Working at RNHB has taught Amit to step out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges. Despite initial doubts about taking on managerial tasks, Amit gained the confidence of the organization to take this step, and it worked out well. 

According to Amit, what sets RNHB apart is its willingness to break away from conventional practices when it comes to customer service. While the company has established policies and procedures, Amit notes that there's also flexibility to make exceptions for customers with good ideas. "RNHB believes in the strength of these customers and is happy to make an exception for them," he says, emphasizing that this is where the company's power lies. In Amit's words, "RNHB dares to do just that little bit more and differently than what is normal within the real estate market."

A glimpse into the future 

Looking into the future, Amit sees his future at RNHB as very bright. He hasn't yet learned enough and would like to continue developing within the organization, whether it’s substantive or managerial aspects. "You notice that RNHB is constantly on the move," he says. "I think I can make many valuable contributions to this, and I also think that RNHB can make a valuable contribution to my personal and professional development. So I hope to stay here for the foreseeable future."