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After studying law, Ayda ended up working in tax, but she didn't find the satisfaction she was looking for. When she came into contact with real estate, she was fascinated by the combination of the social and substantive aspects that this sector has to offer. When she was approached to work for RNHB, she was charmed by RNHB through the interviews. Why was that? And how does she experience working at RNHB now?

Although Ayda wasn't actively seeking a new job, RNHB caught her attention after a few conversations. The company's unique character and ambition impressed her. "RNHB is an uncommon type of company. It's not a bank, but a financer that specifically focuses on real estate. I realized I might not come across another company like RNHB again."

Currently, Ayda works in the Real Estate Advisory department at RNHB and enjoys the variety of her work. Her clients come from different sectors of the real estate industry. "From hotels to transformations or shopping centres, the requests differ on a weekly basis."

Read more about Ayda

What it’s like to work at RNHB

Ayda describes the company culture at RNHB as an environment where high expectations are set and where you are intellectually challenged. "You are expected to be innovative and assertive, and there is room to show what you can bring. I personally like this. I enjoy challenges and the freedom to execute ideas. If you have a good idea, you are given the opportunity to present it and if it is not good, you get honest feedback." 

The daily atmosphere at RNHB is also enjoyable. ‘‘We work closely together, which helps us get to know each other well. The teams are compact, and there is a lot of collaboration between different teams, each with their own expertise. Through this collaboration, you also learn new things from other disciplines, such as the finance or legal perspective."

Advice from Ayda

We asked Ayda for her advice for future employees. "I would say: look at what makes you happy, be entrepreneurial, and take the plunge. RNHB offers many opportunities and chances for you to grow and develop yourself.’’

A glimpse into the future

For the future, Ayda sees plenty of opportunities at RNHB. She likes to discover and try out new opportunities and push herself to take on new challenges. "I have had many opportunities at RNHB when I look at the past year. From writing articles and being interviewed on TV, giving presentations to clients. I see my career path as very diverse."

Finally, we ask what is on Ayda's bucket list. "It would be fun to work abroad someday – who knows, maybe that’s still on the horizon."