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Brigitte Koek has been working at RNHB since 2017. Prior to joining RNHB, she worked as a freelancer for various lenders and banks, where she held various roles. We spoke with Brigitte about her current position as project and change manager.

Brigitte is responsible for various projects at RNHB, including the management of owner-occupied homes. In this role, she's responsible for developing and launching new initiatives and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Read more about Brigitte

What it's like to work at RNHB

Brigitte has been with RNHB from the very beginning and enjoys being a part of the company's development from a startup to a more mature phase. This growth is ongoing, which means her work is far from done.

According to Brigitte, it's essential to always keep the customer in mind and consider how they'll experience the company's plans. This is where she finds her strength. ‘‘By tapping into the customer's emotions and keeping them in focus.’’

When asked what she's most excited about in her work at RNHB, she points to the company's dynamism. ‘‘As the company matures, they approach things differently and learn from the past while keeping up with market trends.’’ These changes also impact the company culture, as Brigitte explains, "We're entering a new phase as a company with the current market, and that means we're changing the way we work."

When successes are celebrated, time is always made to recognize the moment and reflect on what's been achieved. ‘‘This way, we can learn from what we've accomplished and carry those lessons into the future.’’ Celebrating success together, with drinks for example, contributes to the company's positive atmosphere. ‘‘Celebrating our successes together is very important to RNHB.’’

Brigitte's Advice

When asked what she would like to tell future employees about RNHB, Brigitte says, "It's a young company with diverse individuals where you can learn a lot from each other. Take the time to get to know your colleagues and understand their roles. This way, you can learn from each other and make each other stronger." 

A glimpse into the future

Brigitte still has many ambitions for her own career path. "I clearly know what I don't want," she says, "and that's a fixed position. I like to work on different projects and don't want to do the same thing over and over again. But I increasingly find it important to be socially responsible. What can I contribute to society in my position? That's my personal goal, and I always look for ways to fulfill this in my role."

Brigitte sees herself working at RNHB for many years to come. "As long as I'm engaged in stimulating projects, I'll be happy here," she shares. "But it shouldn't become too much of the same thing. That's not what makes me happy." Brigitte has faith in RNHB's growth potential. "There's still so much untapped potential here. I see the progress we're making towards becoming a more professional organization, and I feel that my many years of experience in the business can contribute to that."