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Ait has been working as a credit specialist at RNHB since September 2022. Before joining RNHB, he worked for four years in the banking industry. We talked to him about what it's like to work at RNHB.

Ait was approached to work at RNHB. "It was the largest real estate financier in The Netherlands that isn't a bank, so that caught my attention." After just one job interview, he was immediately excited and hired. After just one job interview, he grew excited immediately and shortly after that he was hired.

As a credit specialist, Ait is responsible for financing applications ranging from 1 million to 2.5 million euros. "This means that I discuss the financing application with the client or financial advisor, request the necessary documents, assess the financing application content, and write a financing proposal. When it’s approved by the risk department, a quote is made, and the deal is closed."

Read more about Ait

Ait works closely with various departments, such as the Customer Due Diligence department for coordination on specific details, the Real Estate Advisory department on the suitability of properties and appraisal reports, and the Risk department on policy matters.

The best thing about working at RNHB for Ait is the diversity of real estate that is financed, which varies from residential to commercial and business properties. "At RNHB, we often focus on how things can be done," which is something he really appreciates. "I have the opportunity to be creative and find solutions."

Company Culture

Ait believes that RNHB's company culture is what sets it apart from other workplaces. ‘‘The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, making everyone approachable. The company places a lot of emphasis on fun and regularly organizes outings and informal social events.’’ Ait is particularly excited about RNHB's focus on professionalization and the thorough assessment process for financing applications. ‘‘RNHB invests in quality and offers ample opportunities for employee growth and development.’’

When it comes to RNHB's company culture, Ait highlights the informal and enjoyable atmosphere. "There's a real sense of fun here and people work hard to achieve their goals," Ait explains. "There's a lot of flexibility when it comes to completing tasks, and you're given the autonomy to work in a way that suits you best. What really matters is that we get the job done."

At RNHB, it's all about development, growth, and celebrating successes. RNHB regularly organized company events. "The annual Christmas party is definitely a highlight. And we even organized a weekend in Antwerp, by ourselves. There are drinks on Fridays and there’s a town hall every month, to keep everyone informed about the company's progress."

Advice from Ait

At RNHB, new employees can expect to join a welcoming community that fosters continuous learning and self-improvement, according to Ait. "Our team culture is friendly and supportive, and we encourage our employees to take ownership of their career growth. With us, you'll learn faster and have more fun in your work. We offer a range of courses and training opportunities, and you’ll get a personal learning budget, too. And your colleagues are always willing to help and provide guidance."

RNHB offers plenty of freedom to new employees, and Ait suggests to newcomers that "It’s important to get familiar with your work quickly and focus on your tasks. If you have any questions or run into any issues, you can always turn to your colleagues for help and advice. I would also advise to get to know different colleagues from the different departments."

If you want to advance your career at RNHB, there are plenty of opportunities, according to Ait. "You can work on larger deals and even be trained for other departments.”

A glimpse into the future

Looking ahead, Ait is excited about the possibility of taking on more significant financing applications and advancing in his position. He feels there is a wealth of industry-specific knowledge to acquire at RNHB, thanks to the company's diversified approach to serving specific customers. "Because the company focuses on different types of real estate and customers, while constantly developing new products, you’ll learn a lot here. And that's what makes working at RNHB so unique."