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Anna Hoonakker is an Operational Risk Management Specialist at RNHB, a position she has held since the beginning of 2022. But her journey at RNHB began over three years ago when she started working as a temp alongside her Master's degree program at the University of Utrecht. At the time, she worked as a support employee at RNHB for three days a week.

After graduating, Anna quickly became involved in a range of projects at RNHB and for about a year and a half, she was a jack-of-all-trades. "I assisted with projects, IT implementations, and gave presentations to external stakeholders about how RNHB operates," she says. Anna wanted to progress in her career at RNHB and thus decided to shadow different departments. She was eventually invited to work full-time in Operational Risk Management (ORM), where she has been employed as a Specialist in Operational Risk Management since the beginning of this year.

Read more about Anna

As an Operational Risk Management Specialist, Anna is currently involved in mapping out operational processes, risks, and controls. "We are examining the potential risks that may arise during the execution of operational processes, documenting the measures in place to manage them, and testing their effectiveness."

RNHB’s Growth

Anna is thrilled about RNHB's growth spurt. "I think it's remarkable how quickly the company has grown in recent years. When I joined, it was already quite sizable, but it has expanded even more since then. Everyone contributes effectively and works hard to ensure the company continues to grow."

She is also excited about the many opportunities RNHB offers for personal development. "RNHB has a wide range of training and courses that employees can take to improve their skills and grow in their role. And I also like that I can work with experienced colleagues who introduce me to the world of risk management." According to Anna, RNHB provides ample prospects for professional and personal development: "The company has a relaxed atmosphere, and you can effortlessly form connections with colleagues. As long as you contribute your ideas and show initiative, you can progress within the organization. It's up to you."

Company culture

Anna is deeply involved with RNHB, not just on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Her team regularly organizes dinners and drinks, and they often do things together outside working hours. Anna emphasizes that RNHB has little hierarchy. "I also appreciate that it is a flat organization. You can easily approach someone who is higher up without necessarily having to schedule an appointment. I really appreciate that. The atmosphere is just excellent."

Anna believes that RNHB has a great company culture. She enjoys the fun company events, such as the annual Christmas party and the training day last summer. However, the highlight was the Christmas party held last December in Tivoli in Utrecht, which was organized for the first time in 3 years because of Covid. "It was a big event where the location and decorations were taken care of down to the last detail. Everyone was super happy, and the atmosphere was great."

A Glimpse into the Future

Anna is a hard worker who is happy with her position at RNHB. She is grateful for the opportunities that the company offers to grow and develop herself. Her future is not completely planned out, but one thing she knows for sure: she will continue her successful career and eventually use her acquired knowledge and skills in other companies. However, for the time being, she is pleased with her role at RNHB and intends to stay here for a few more years.